How we work with you

We’ll take the time to understand what you need to achieve from your CRM. Whilst we all need to understand the final destination, we don’t advise a complete and total analysis up front. This is the waterfall method. Our experience has shown that this can lead to costly mistakes which are only discovered after the completed system is delivered and can cause a total failure of the project. The situation rapidly becomes adversarial.

Rather, we use a collaborative, Agile approach where we deliver the project in bite-sized chunks. We start with a basic working CRM that delivers 50%-80% on day one. Then specific, small enhancements are agreed between you and us and costed only for that step. Becuase the enhancements are small, the risk is small.

Quite often, our customers cannot completely define what it is they want but know basically what they need. So, that’s where we start.

Our aim is to develop a long term relationship with you based on trust. Over that period we are here to add features as and when you need them.

A new customer recently told us of one of the big players tell him that they needed 15-20 days to understand their business and they’d charge £1,000 per day to do so. This might be good for government projects (which often fail) but not for small and medium businesses. A £15k consultancy plus a variance of £5,000 was too much risk. With an agile approach, there will be no large up-front commitment – just enough to get a working system.