Case Study: The Professional Jockeys Association

The Professional Jockeys Association

Here’s a lovely testimonial from Ann Saunders MBE, Executive Director of The Professional Jockeys Association.

We used a bespoke Access database system called JAMES which served our purpose but we realised that IT had moved on and felt there must be some system out there that would move us on and streamline some of our work.

One of our issues was to maintain the data we already had. Julian Lewis, BNI Director who was known to us through his IT company introduced us to one or two other companies but it became apparent that developing our system in Access wasn’t going to be an option as few people work in Access now.

In 2015, Julian introduced us to Tony [Hoare of] and we were immediately impressed with his “can do” attitude and enthusiasm. He seemed very confident that with some “tweaking” the CRM system he was proposing would work well for us.

Tony went away and spent time looking at how the CRM system could work for us and tailor-made the system to suit. This not only involved transferring our membership database into the system but he had to work with others to integrate out Virtual Cabinet filing system.

On top of this, Tony had to get his head around the world of Jockeys with all its idiosyncrasies but very quickly took on board the difference between a Flat and Jump jockey, weights, seasons, etc. A lot for him the get his head around but much to his credit he did.

We have not stood still and Tony continues to add processes that save us time, label printing from the database, producing statistics.

We continue to develop the system with Tony as we think about areas where is may be able to help us.

At the end of 2017, we changed to an Internet-based telephone system [Gamma Horizon]. We asked Tony if he could look into getting the CRM to work with this new system. Tony produced the goods and now, when one of our members calls us, that individual’s data comes up. This allows us to give the personal touch as we immediately know who’s calling and is efficient to have the jockey’s record to hand immediately.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Tony and in fact I have done so …

It is always a pleasure to work with Tony as his positive attitude gives you so much confidence. He Delivers.

Ann Saunders MBE, Executive Director, The Professional Jockeys Association