Automate Systems and Processes

We can map out all of your important entities and defined process steps that they go through. A simple example would be the Sales process that most businesses follow. Typically these are:

  • Prospecting
  • Preparation
  • Approach
  • Presentation
  • Handling objections
  • Closing
  • Follow-up

Your business may or may not be like that. You may use more or fewer steps and call them something different. Whatever, you do, we can map it and make sure it fits in with how your business does it.

Fop example, a BNI Chapter doesn’t really have a sales process but they do want to induct new members to give the the best possible start to grow their businesses. The new member process involves many steps from initial training (the Member Success Program), Mentoring with around ten experiencesd members of the Chapter, attending a variety of training workshops to present them selves, find referrals, etc. While this is not the classical Sales process, it is an automatable process nevertheless.